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Lori Cameron, MNH H.Idg CR

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Holistic Health Advocate & Educational Center

Lori M. Cameron MNH H.Idg CR

We are devoted to helping you move towards your best self. We believe the best cure is prevention and that the road to recovery can be obtained through simple measures.


Iridology (iris neural structure analysis). Accurate analysis of the iris reveals physiological conditions throughout the body, along with each organs emotional attachments and thought patterns, Thermal Auricular Vibration Therapy (sinus, lymph, and inner ear detox), Pathogen frequency therapy, with pathogen eradication herbal blend/program. Enhanced Soft-touch Reflexology with EMPT, Negative Ion Detox sessions, and herbal and whole food medicinal applications and education.

Teaching is our passion...

Podcast interview

Big Sky Natural Wellness Clinic

BSNWC has been in Billings since 2010. Dr. Robbins has a Dual Doctorates in Biogenetic Medicine and Auricular Medicine. He has been trained in Cranial Sacral in CS1, CS2, SER1 and CSLRAP Alzheimer’s/dementia. BSNWC prides ourselves on being a drug free needle free clinic. Looking into the cause and not chasing symptoms. We provide digital remedies (no side effects), supplements and Auricular Therapy that help the body energetically and not chemically. Dr. Robbins is the only Certified Auricular Therapist in Montana. BSNWC even offers a 20 minute free consultation!"

Lavender With Love

We are USDA certified Organic lavender growers and producers in Hamilton Montana. We specialize in producing high quality organic lavender oil and hydrosol. With these key products we also hand craft many other items including bath and body scrubs, aromatherapy products, and a culinary line. All items are hand made with love and care right on our farm. We look forward to sharing our love of lavender and our craft with you.

Crossroads Brainwave Technology - We help your brain help you!

Ginny Pierce & Kimberly Hunter

The brain is your central command center. When your brain is out of balance it is impossible to function at your highest level. Cereset is a proven technology that is non-invasive and highly effective. It restores your brain’s rhythm naturally, enabling it to manage stress more effectively.  Cereset sessions jump start the process of re-balancing your brain. Cereset Home provides the on-going ability to combat negative stressors in everyday life. The Cereset system can help you be your best you in all areas of life.

Enchantment Creek

Heather Jones is a Certified Clinical Herbalist who has been foraging, growing, & creating medicines from the Rocky Mountains for 15 years.  Specializing in Holistic Nutrition & Spiritual Herbalism.  Heather works with people by facilitating guided journeys to work through Trauma, PTSD, severe stress & anxiety.  

Enchantment Creek was founded in 2017 and is budding to be a thriving place for wellness, education, nourishment and reconnection to the Earth.

Heart Mountain Creations

Heart Mountain Creations hand crafts healthy and delicious Drinking Vinegars “Shrubs” and Infused Vinegars.  Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother is the base of all the vinegars.  The Shrubs are sweetened and condensed.  10 servings per bottle!  Add them to your favorite tea, water or cocktail!! Choose Organic Cane Sugar or for those looking for a sugar free drink choose Organic Monkfruit Extract as your sweetener! Commercially Licensed. Makes a great gift!  Easy shipping from our website.

Montana Harvest Natural Food Store

Montana Harvest Natural Food Store has been in Billings for 26 years! At Montana Harvest we believe good health and nutrition begins with high quality food at affordable prices. We do our best to educate the community on ways to get healthy and stay healthy! We offer free seminars once a month in store (with special guests from our community) to come in and help educate you on different health related topics. Our goal is to provide cutting edge supplements, good quality water and food to help you achieve your health goals! 

Tune in for more ways to stay healthy on our podcast “Let’s Stay Healthy”

Just Be Holistic Healing

Serena James

Just Be Company provides an alternative approach to wellness through energy healing, aromatherapy, and toxic-free living to help individuals on their journey of experiencing joy, wellness, and abundance.

Thermography Center of Montana/Magic City Therapeutic Oils. -Connie Bargen

Thermography- Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging. D.I.T.I detects subtle physiologic changes that accompany breast pathology, whether it is cancer, fibrocystic disease, an infection, or vascular disease. Scans are painless, non-invasive, not radiation and FDA registered.

Magic City Therapeutic Oils carries the full line of doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils.

We offer organic salves made with CBD and doTERRA EO's for physical and emotional health management. Also carry CBD tinctures and CBD vape pens.

CBD American Shaman

CBD American Shaman is dedicated to bringing wellness to the world through ultra-concentrated terpene rich CBD oil derived from all natural, high quality industrial hemp. It is legal in all 50 states and is Gluten Free and Eco-Friendly, and is batch tested using Ultra Performance Convergence Chromatography. 

We follow only the best industry standards, making our Hemp Oil the most effective and the highest quality on the market today. Our proprietary nanotechnology makes our products 9x more bioavailable than anything else on the market, making our products faster and more efficiently absorbed by the body.”

Still Water Wellness Clinic & VoxxLife

Laurie Carrel, LMT has been practicing Massage for 18 years. She owns the Stillwater Wellness Clinic in Columbus, Montana. Laurie specializes in Cranial Sacral Therapy among many modalities. Laurie has brought in VoxxLife Socks, Insoles and Harmony Patches to her clinic.

VoxxLife has harnessed the power of Neuro-Science and Neuro-Activation and spent 6 years developing Voxx Human Performance Technology (HPT) that instantly improved the user's strength, energy, stability, balance and range of motion.

No matter our age or lifestyle, VoxxLife is changing the way we live, play and enjoy our lives and is the future of wellness, sports and rehab. &

Melissa Scianna

Herbalist Melissa Scianna stocks hundreds of botanicals and essential and infused plant oils. She intentionally combines them to create potions, lotions, and teas just for you. Melissa practices Reiki, Grounding Footwork and Intuitive Wellness and loves to lead Nature and Plant Walks and so much more!

Find her here in Billings at her wellness establishment Kinesi Wellness the perfect combination for body, mind, and spirit.

Check out her sister company in Bridger as well:

Rebecca Douglas

Rebecca Douglas has been an intuitive coach in the Health, Nutrition and Fitness world for over 10 years.

Kinesi means "movement", which, when applied to your Health and Wellness, means that where you need forward momentum is where I'll meet you...full of heart, integrity, intuition and a little grit-wrapped love.

Find her here in Billings at her wellness establishment Kinesi Wellness the perfect combination for body, mind, and spirit.

Chiropractic Health Associates

Dr. Greg Kaye

Dr. Greg Kaye has been practicing chiropractic for 12 years. He has a background in martial arts and has been a judo instructor for many years. He periodically teaches Women's Self Defense workshops. Dr. Kaye loves being a chiropractor because it allows him the opportunity to be an advocate for his patient's health, helping them achieve their full wellness potential.

Class by Curtis Alexander, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist - Neurology

Time: 2:00-2:30pm

Think You Understand Stem Cells? (Spoiler Alert: You Probably Don’t)

When my wife called me 3 years ago to say she wanted to do stem cells I basically told her she was crazy. As a ‘medical professional’ I thought I knew it all (‘they’re unethical”, “ineffective” and expensive).

Turns out I was wrong … about a LOT of it.

In this presentation Curtis Alexander, Pharm.D. will help you understand the reality of stem cells and if they might be right for you.

Epic Nutrition and Energy

Michelle Wright

We specialize in meal replacement shakes and metabolism boosting teas to maximize your fitness and healthy lifestyle. Helping our community live a healthier happier lifestyle with the BEST in nutrition.

Five Ring Financial - Suzanne Bowen

Five Rings Financial is an education based company with the goal of empowerment leading to robust, healthy finances.  We are focused on helping build a strong and well-rounded foundation for success and peace of mind.  Money stress is a root cause of physical and relationship stress.  We are physical, emotional, spiritual, social beings who thrive on stability and fiscal stability is a big part of that picture.

Class: 11:00-11:30 Money 101 -  the nuts and bolts of money, what most of us should have learned in high school but probably didn't.  We will cover topics like the rule of 72, inflation and making compound interest work for you.  This class is intended to put a firm foundation under you and be a reality check on your fiscal situation.  

Class: 1:00-1:30 Volatility Shield - How to participate in the upside trends of the stock market without losing your shirt.  What is the best way to provide a safety net for you, your family, your retirement and your assets?  How to avoid common pitfalls of investing and how to diversify and shield yourself.  

Donna's Massage Therapy

Donna Podolak has been offering an extensive variety of massage modalities for more than 20 years. With a harmonious “whole body" approach to your care, you’ll experience a session tailored specifically to your comfort level and needs.

Modalities offered: Medically Necessary Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish or Relaxation Massage, Sports Massage, Prenatal Massage, Postpartum Massage, Detoxification Program, Foot Massage, Shiatsu for Structural Dysfunction, Acupressure. Visit her website to learn how these modalities can benefit you.

Oblander Chiropractic

Oblander Chiropractic was voted Best Chiropractic Office in Yellowstone County in 2021! Our lives are centered around family! Established in 2007, we are family run office dedicated to providing our patients with the best family-style care possible. Father and son, Dr. Greg Oblander and Dr. Ryan Oblander are gifted chiropractors who are devoted to their patients (whom they consider family). We are excited to demonstrate our new low-level laser at our booth this year! We hope you will come join us and see for yourself what low-level laser therapy can do for you and your health!

Agadas Integrated Wellness & Consulting

Jennifer Merecki, LMT CPT NP CHC Owner/Operator

Agadas Integrated Wellness uses complementary health approaches to reward the community with the necessary modalities of licensed therapeutic massage, medical exercise and fitness training, nutrition and health coaching for personal wellbeing. Providing full spectrum services with the convenience of hassle free, on-site mobile solutions.

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Class: Hold on to Hope We're here to HELP.

Time: 12:00-12:30

Go to our website:

Explore our FREE classes and community presentations designed to educate individuals living with a mental health condition and the family and friends who support them.

We offer 2 FREE support groups:  Connection for individuals living with a mental health condition, and Family Support Group for their family members and loved ones.

Learn how you can advocate for a friend or family member with a mental health condition.


J-Marie and Pancho Edler - doTERRA Diamond Leaders

In 2014, we were introduced to doTERRA
Essential Oils and found quick, long lasting,
natural relief for our health concerns without
the side effects of over-the-counter & pharmaceutical remedies!

Now as Wellness Educators and Consultants for doTERRA, they share
their knowledge and expertise of the use of these oils.

Class: Introduction to Essential Oils - Natural Solutions for Immunity, Emotional Health, Pain Management - and MORE!

Time: 3:00-3:30

Advanced Health & Wellness

Christi Stoican

Christi Stoican has a Masters in Nursing and has worked in the Natural Health Care Industry off and on Since 2002.   She has dealt with a variety of health issues naturally including; fatigue, digestion, mood (anxiety/depression etc), joints, pain, headaches, allergies (food and seasonal), candida, bacteria, viruses, parasites, hormones, mold exposure and much more.  She uses a variety of techniques that have been acquired over the years including electrical acupuncture using the Biomeridian machine.  The Biomeridian is a NON invasive machine that tests the electrical energy in your acupuncture points to look for stressors in the electrical energy of the meridians. This helps find areas of concern based on the electrical readings.  Supplements are then placed on the machine to find the appropriate supplements or treatments that brings the electrical energy back to a normal levels.

Elemental PEMF Services (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency)

Terra Ott, owner-Certified practitioner

My mission:  Helping you hold the keys your own wellness.

PEMF is an absolutely painless pulse of a magnetic ray into your body reaching a cellular level to recharge and wake up your cells. PEMF is complimentary to a vast array of rehabilitation regimens for humans and their furry friends.

Functional recovery from work outs or sporting events. Cardiovascular help. Pain relief! Stubborn aches and pains that you’ve tried everything for. Accelerated bone and tissue regeneration. Most participants report some immediate pain relief and a cumulative benefit.

Originally I had planned to work on injured or aging animals but I decided to ask some close family and friends to try PEMF and give me honest feedback. The response was incredible and I knew I had something amazing! I absolutely love animals and I still offer this asset to your pet or performance animal’s  health routine. More than my love for animals is my deep desire to help people. The joy and heartfelt fulfilment that I receive from the appreciation of a client that is able to get through the week with less pain is why I love providing this service.  



Uschi Beck

Crystals, colors, and orgone therapy will align chakras and elevate in vibrations, plus balance and harmonize in the most beautiful way. More and more health practitioners and energy healers use QuantumPoint Crystal Light Beds as an addition to their practice. It is a great plus to have six extra healing modalities in one session while relaxing under the Lemurian crystal lights.

Find our booth, experience it, feel how it's relaxing yet energizing at the same time.

The Produce Market

Located at 1812 Grand Ave, The Produce Market is a new little store in Billings that focuses on providing our community with healthy fruits and veggies for retail or bulk purchase, as well as wonderful Montana-made food products. We are open Monday-Saturday for in-store shopping and offer free delivery in Billings! Our produce is the freshest around, and we prioritize working with our local farmers and gardeners during harvest season! We feature produce and products from amazing local farms and businesses such as Swanky Roots, Tiny Forest Microgreens, Kelly Jean Snacks, Lakehouse Pickle Dip, 406 Spices, A Mindful Kitchen, Coulee Creek Ranch, Kwee Jack Seafood, High Five Meats, King Family Farms, Roots Cannery, Plate and Pantry Pickles, and so many more!

Limber Tree Yoga

Here at Limber Tree we are a welcoming family full of committed professionals dedicated to the authentic teachings of The 8-Limbs of Yoga.

The practice of yoga goes far beyond the yoga pose and it is a common goal of ours as Limber Tree teachers to teach you how it can be integrated into your everyday life.  Bringing a new energy to life and giving you the tools for find a healthier state of mind, balanced emotions,  and a peaceful heart.   

It is  Limber Tree's prime intention to make yoga accessible to everyBODY. To offer a compassionate, kind, inclusive, supportive and kind community that makes everyone feel welcome! 

Not only do we offer in-studio and online yoga classes, we also offer aerial yoga, kids classes, meditation, roof-top yoga with beautiful views of Billings and the mountains, and now Pole fitness! 

You Are Welcome At Limber Tree!

FIT4MOM Billings

FIT4MOM is the nation's leading prenatal and postnatal fitness program, providing fitness classes and a network of moms to support every stage of motherhood. From pregnancy, through postpartum and beyond, our fitness and wellness programs help make moms strong in body, mind, and spirit. 

Come for the class, stay for the community, OR start in our community before you are ready for class. Either way, we have as pot here for you!

First class is always FREE!

Facebook and Instagram: FIT4MOM Billings

Lynsey Hagan

Lynsey is a Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master Practitioner. As a student of Reiki for 8 years, she believes integrating energy work with inner work activates the divine spark within all of us to evolve, expand and ascend collectively. Through the processing and integration of her own healing journey, she has discovered her gifts and found tools to assist others into their own space of empowerment and healing.

Michelle Wade

Wellness, vitality, your Highest Self.  This is what most of us are seeking!  Supplementing our body with the right ingredients will promote harmony of body, mind and soul - homeostasis.  At ArieyL, this is what we strive for!  Stop by our booth to learn what makes our products different and magical - let's work on Your Highest Self!!

Yellow Stone Valley Out of the Darkness

Yellowstone Valley Out of the Darkness Walk is the 3rd Sunday each September. Raise awareness and money for the education and prevention projects of American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) and AFSP Montana Chapter. FREE to register at Get more info at website and at, email, or call co-chairs Joan 406-321-0591 or Erin 406-272-6228. Please register TODAY. Join us Sept 19 at Billings Will James Middle School to Walk to Fight Suicide.

Analaigh Heals

Amanda Heppner, LMT

Analaigh Heals currently offers Craniosacral Therapy and Myofascial Rebalancing. My philosophy of inherent health guides my treatment session as my goal is not to make the body change but to support the body's natural healing processes. Often due to physical and emotional trauma, surgeries, injuries, birth and death, and chronic illness, symptoms of physical or emotional pain can become held within the body. In a session, much of what I do is a quiet and deep listening of the body's structural and connective tissues. In listening deeply to the body from a place of stillness, non-judgment, and openness to change, change often occurs without me needing to "do" anything else. This is a light touch and gentle form of bodywork that can have profound changes on mental, physical and spiritual levels.

Health & Wellness with Dr. Brenda Roche

Roche is a neuropsychologist by trade but is most excited about her health and wellness business where she helps individuals of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels reach their health and wellness goals. Through one on one and group coaching on mindset, fitness, gut health, stress management, nutrition, and skin health.

FREE Seminar: A Lifestyle that is Sustainable.

Are you looking for a lifestyle that will help you reach your goals and most importantly sustain the gain you make? Come hear about the lifestyle Dr. Brenda has been living for 4.5 years that has allowed her to discharge 90 pounds in the first year and keep it off for the last 3.5 years.

Intuitive Spirit - Well-Being Advocates

Christa Peacock

Intuitive Spirit is a natural alternative resource. Empowering people with various modalities of well-being support and incorporating these modalities into a daily abundant  lifestyle.

Christa is a Level I Aromatherapist.  Modalities used are doTERRA essential oils and Richway Amethyst BioMat. The first time I asked for alternative emotional support was with Essential Oils.  Since then I have added many more alternative tools to honor my body, mind, and spirit.

Kare Solutions - Karilee Valeriano

Activate you body's own stems cells for a fraction of the cost of stem cell injections.  All Natural, no injections, no drugs, no surgery, not a supplement.

Breakthrough in affordable stem cell technology, costs as little as a cup of coffee per day to look, feel, perform and live younger!

Typical Benefits:

*Rapid Pain Relief.

*Improved Sleep.

*More Energy & Vitality.

*Increased Mental Clarity.

*Supports Wound Healing.

*Enhances Sports Performance.

*Reduced Inflammation.

*Improved Skin Appearance.


Simon M. Webb & Valerie Cachola-Wheeler 

You are living your best life when your mind and body are balanced and healthy. That's why we take a holistic approach to preventing and reversing disease. We cut through the confusion and provide your body precisely what’s missing to promote its natural healing ability through holistic chiropractic care and nutrition.

Dr. Webb and Dr. Val are certified Postural Experts and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioners. 

Dr. Webb specializes in brain, digestion, and adrenal health.

FREE Seminar: Pain Free Posture BluePrint

Dr. Val specializes in women’s pre-conception health and hormones using nutrition response testing to achieve optimal results.

FREE Seminar: Foods and Moods

Our Promise to You We care about your overall wellbeing and will provide you with the guidance, knowledge, and tools needed to be healthy. Let us help you achieve health beyond the status quo.

The Type 2 Diabetes Coach

Dr. Sarah Townley

FREE Seminar: A Beginner's Guide To Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

If you have pre-diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes, you cannot afford to miss this presentation, where Dr. Sarah Townley, certified life and weight coach, shares with you the true solution to insulin resistance.  You will learn life-saving information that is so powerful, you can reduce or eliminate your need for medications to treat this condition.  Much of what she will teach flies in the face of the conventional medical approach to diabetes.  Sarah is an entertaining and engaging presenter that has years of experience working with diabetics and now spends all of her time coaching people who want to reverse diabetes permanently.  Dr. Townley will also be available at the Expo all day for questions, information, and even a free blood sugar check.

Comfort Zone Massage

Roberta Fried LMT / Reiki Master

Roberta is a retired nurse and active member of Billings community. She participates in community events, donating her time and talent to helping others. She has worked with the Outlaws Football team and participates in the Veteran's Stand Down.

She has over 30 years of experience in the therapeutic field of massage. By invitation of the Chinese Education Association, she took opportunity to study in Beijing. She is certified in multiple massage techniques including deep tissue foot massage. Roberta specializes in Lymphatic drainage, headache alleviation, and stress reduction.

Get Well With LaShell

Lashell Meidinger

Lashell describes herself as a Wholistic Rejuvenist and views the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life as closely interconnected.  Each aspect requires equally important approaches to achieve overall wellness. Science has proven that the body has an innate ability to repair and rejuvenate. Lashell focuses on the root cause of disease and educates her clients in the art of self-care.

In Lashell’s own journey, toxic mold devastated her health. Her severely compromised immune system caused her to be consistently sick. She suffered severe allergies and allergic reactions, liver harm, exhaustion, memory loss, chemical sensitivity and parasites.

Find out what she did to detoxify and nourish back to health ….

Young Living Essential Oils

Jade Sualata

Jade is a homeschool mama and fitness instructor. She has a passion for sharing and supporting others thru health and wellness. This has been a journey for Jade, which is why she is inspired to help others utilize the healing properties of essential oils because "Oils do more than just smell good”

Balancing the body as a whole and showing people how to feel their best is just a love language Jade chooses to speak!

Juice Plus & Tower Garden

Paula Bornus L.E.A.N. Certified Health Coach

Not excited about broccoli? We know it isn't easy to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables every day-especially those you may not like.  Juice Plus+ provides additional plant-based nutrition from 30 different fruits, vegetables and berries, including things like bilberries, broccoli and kale.  The family health study provides free Juice Plus+ for a child.

Aeroponic Growing with Tower Garden. Grow 30% more, 3 x faster, with 98% less water.

Bitterroot Ridge Reiki

Deborah Ligget

Deborah is an energy healer / reiki master and has been helping heal people and animals for years.  Deborah felt called to open a physical clinic summer 2021 in response to the stress and illness so many are suffering from in our modern times.

She includes crystals and aromatherapy on an individual basis.  New this year is crystal light bed therapy!  She is excited to bring this deeply restorative therapy to her clients.

The Remedy

If you’re going to create an authentic life, a life that is truly yours, you’ve got to start with knowing who YOU are and what you need to do to live the story you were born to live.

The remedy is here to guide you through your journey of self discovery, healing and alignment. We work with HumanDesign, Gene Keys, Astrology, Energy Work, Akashic Records, Transmissions, EFT, and other healing modalities so we are able to clearly see the path to who you were designed to be while living this human experience. 

Together we look at the whole of your life and help you achieve deep transformative healing, complete inner joy, expanded open heart resonance and a devoted connection to Source. YOU are capable and designed to activate your self-healing ability, manifest and live a thriving abundant, sovereign life connected to source!

FREE Seminar: Soul Alignment Through Your Design

FREE Seminar: Live and shine by Design

Healing Biond Limits

Author Nicole Biondich & Co-author Mayline Robertson

Stepping Into The Light: A Guide To Clearing Limiting Core Beliefs is a guided journey through belief work. Your beliefs are usually unconscious, but they shape your entire life experience. Would it not then be to your benefit to gain control over your life by clearing away outdated beliefs that limit you? It can be difficult to know what limiting beliefs you have, so we took the guesswork out of it by providing comprehensive lists of common limiting beliefs. We give you the tools to clear these beliefs for yourself and teach you how to "rewire" your mind with positive beliefs that truly reshape your entire world. Our book is a labor of love created just for you to help you step into the light of your true self.

Better Medicine Better Life

Troy Shelton

I specialize in Energy healing which includes the Body and Emotion Code, occupational therapy and hand therapy, functional medicine to include blood and speciality functional medicine lab testing as well as provide clients with specialty modalities to enhance healing including bioresonance scans and frequency therapies, use of redox technologies, and stem cell therapies. I take a holistic approach to care and work with all ages to enhance optimal wellness. 

scheduling -

Facebook - Troy Shelton Holistic Health

Shifting Sands

Heather McAbee

Heather, at Shifting Sands, is dedicated to helping people discover their inner worth, uncover the root cause of current challenges, so they can erase the beliefs that keep them from love, connection and money allowing them to live a life of abundance in all areas. By releasing these patterns we can achieve the most fulfilled, centered and most extraordinary version of ourselves.

Heather is a trauma informed Certified Repatterning Practitioner, EFT/ TFT Tapping Master Practitioner, Solutions-Based Hypnotherapist, and Level 2 Aerial Yoga Instructor.

Redefining Love Boundaries & Trauma Coaching

Sara Beth Wald

Sara Beth Wald Sara is a former social worker and journalist, and the founder of Redefining Love. This healing framework offers a new definition of love that honors the struggle of deep caring and empowers us to prioritize our own mental health in the midst of conflict within our relationships. Through Boundaries & Trauma Coaching, Sara teaches her clients how to set boundaries and hold ourselves and others accountable with love and grace. The Redefining Love framework can be applied to all layers of life, including family relationships, friendships, professional colleagues, and leadership.

As a trauma survivor, Sara is passionate about supporting survivors of domestic violence, divorce, chronic stress, and childhood family abuse and dysfunction. Through professional and volunteer experiences Sara is dedicated to holding space for trauma survivors and walking through their stories to the healing that is possible on the other side.

406 Rollin' Eyes

Salicia Borges 

406 Rollin' Eyes is a NEW Optical Shop in town that has the ability to be mobile and bring the Optical Shop to you if you are unable come to the actual shop located in midtown Billings. Salicia is the owner & ABO Certified Optician that has 14 yrs. experience in the optical field and who prides herself on finding the perfect frame fit that will work best with your prescription. A current prescription is all that is needed to book a one-on-one appointment online at or by calling 406-797-2020. Stop by the Expo to see some of the selection of eyewear available, get a free cleaning or adjustment and register to win a pair of free eyeglasses!

Like the page @406rollineyes on Facebook

BARE Chiropractic

We are on a mission to bring hope to the hopeless and health to the hurting. We provide neurologically-based chiropractic care to those who believe it is their God-given right to be healthy and are willing to fight for it. We provide complimentary health assessments and education of a proactive health model.

Provides affordable options for Self-care.

Tenacious offers:

Finnish Hot Sauna-Beneficial for relaxing tight muscles after a long day of work.

The only Float Tank in Billings-Excellent for mental and physical ailments.

Cold Plunge-Therapeutic in nature for muscle recovery after a workout or for mental awakening.

Charter College Billings offers Yellowstone County residents the ability to train for a career in health care quickly and close to home. Blended Learning offers students the convenience of learning from home while blended with classroom hands-on support. Hands-on training in the lab works to simulate the environment students will face in the workplace upon graduation. The flexible schedule allows students to manage their work and personal obligations while furthering their career opportunities.

Moms Without Capes

Onnie Michalsky, MA, LCPC

Moms Without Capes is committed to helping stressed-out moms hang up their Super-Woman cape so that they can reduce the overwhelm, quiet the inner mean girl, and find themselves under their mom-hat.

Onnie Michalsky, MA, LCPC, founder and CEO of Moms Without Capes, is a licensed therapist, a life and wellness coach, and a mom to half a dozen kiddos. Stop by, say hi, and enter to win a self-care basket designed for busy moms!

Live Better Feel Better

Sheila Hildebrand

Welcome to wellness with PEMF!  I’m Sheila Hildebrand and I look forward to showing you the beauty of PULSE PEMF. Pain!  It takes you by the throat.  Suffering steals your life whether it is caused by injury, illness, disease or stress!  PEMF will address each of these forms of suffering. 

I’m a Montana ranch girl, mining consultant and mom who was broken with pain.  PEMF Therapy was a godsend in my battle with pain and the hopelessness that took root in my heart and mind.  PEMF gave me relief, functionality…and Praise God…it gave me endurance to run the race!  Let me share it with you! 

Give me a call at 406.861.4430!

Copper Rescue

Copper Rescue® is a personal hygiene copper wand crafted in Big Timber, MT. It has been specifically designed to help the user deal with a variety of germ issues like pending colds, cold
sores, minor cuts, some finger/facial warts, odd lesions and more. A great wellness tool to have.

Its usability lasts a lifetime, and its effectiveness is due to the antimicrobial properties of copper that have been registered by the EPA.

Quality – Affordable – Effective – Natural Germ Defense

Big Sky Lavender Farms

Kym Roessel

We’re a family-owned lavender farm in Florence, MT, making all-natural products from our lavender to help you sleep, relieve your aches and pains and give stress the boot!

We steam distill the oil from our plants to make lavender pillow sprays, roll-on lavender oils and our best-selling topical magnesium spray, cream and roll-on.

We believe we’re all in this together and it is possible to spray your worries away with lavender.

Sarah Kennedy

"Profile is a program that was developed by top researchers and physicians at Sanford Health, one of the world’s largest healthcare providers. Our science-backed approach to healthy lifestyle change is designed to help our members/patients safely lose weight and keep it off. Studies show that members/patients will lose 3x more weight working with a coach than trying on their own. 

Our members & patients love our personalized plans, delicious meal replacements and supportive coaches. Profile works with you to create a custom meal plan based on your goals, health conditions, personal preferences, and genetics. Our plans are simple to follow, promote sustainable lifestyle change and provide the support you need to stay on track and motivated. We have helped over 185,000+ members lose 2.5+ million pounds and get started living a healthy lifestyle.

Coaching is available in-person at our office location and online with virtual coaching. We promise you will lose 15% of your body weight, or more, in your first year on Profile! Start your health journey with a free consultation. Track your weight loss and wellness success with Profile's Journey App, Precise DNA test and more."

The Hive Nutrition

Robert Colston

We provide a fun & welcoming atmosphere where you can have a healthy shake and healthy energy drink to keep you going! We also provide other protein and nutrient packed options like acai bowls, protein donuts and waffles and more. We love our community & want to help everyone to be happier and healthier.


Patricia Anderson

The Power of CBD

There are many CBD and hemp products on the market. Frankly it can be difficult to choose the right one. Trust me, they are not all alike. Zilis is very unique. The word Zilis means 'Multiplying Nutrition' in Swahili. Zilis technology uses a proprietary advanced delivery system that works to maximize the benefits of UtraCell full spectrum hemp oil. Known as "entourage effect," this delivery system allows you to benefit from more than 400 naturally occurring compounds in the hemp plant and it is only available for Zilis.

Visit me at my booth and see how Zilis can benefit your life.

Saltsations Wellness Center

Linda Champlin

Saltsations offers simple, low-cost therapies to help people relax, refresh and renew. Stress and “adulting” tasks come at us daily in a world full of information and achievement. Bodies and minds crave downtime and maintenance to carry us through our days. Saltsations addresses this.

Enjoy the Salt Haven, Infrared Sauna, Full Body Mechanical Massage Chair, Hydomassage Table, Full Spectrum Light Therapy, Passive Music Therapy and Aromatherapy to help relieve the toxic load our bodies and minds accumulate.


Dee's Wigs By Heather Kern

Hi, I’m Heather Kern, I’m here to give you your best look. I have a wide variety of Wigs, hairpieces, clips and more.

If you are looking for a natural amazing new you I’m here to help you feel and look your very best.

There are so many reasons for hair loss.  Let me help you.

I work with adults and children of all ages, fitting wigs and hairpieces. Checkout my Facebook page and website for more details.

Restore Hyper Wellness

Lynne Ryan BSc FDNP

Do More of What You Love!

Our passion is for improving the lives of people and we’re here to make Hyper Wellness accessible and affordable for those committed to feeling their best. With groundbreaking science and expert guidance, we'll help you decrease inflammation, optimize sleep, boost energy and defy the signs of aging. 

-IV drips and IM shots

-NAD+ Therapy

-Biomarker Testing 

-Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

-Whole Body Cryotherapy

-Red Light Therapy (Photobiomodulation)

-Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

-Compression Therapy 

-Local Cryotherapy


-Cryoskin Slimming, Toning and Facials 

Opening in October in Shiloh Crossing!

Get on our VIP GUEST LIST and learn about our founding memberships  406-451- 0096

Feeling in Colors

Trish Grant

About me, I am a Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach and Massage Therapist.

Why Art Therapy? Art is more than just a pretty picture. It is your own story, emotion, and expression. It represents your inner being and your thoughts. It offers you self-expression and self-awareness. Art helps you to be engaged with the world around you, it improves your self-esteem, and gives you opportunity to improve your problem-solving skills.

You don't half to be a Picasso or a Van Gogh to express yourself.

Why Massage Therapy?

Improved circulation of blood to the lymph nodes, muscles, brain, and connective tissues of the body. Stimulates the body to release “feel good” hormones that reduce pain, depression, and anxiety levels. Naturally increasing the body’s own oxytocin levels, which gives us feelings of generosity, empathy, and social bonding. Limits the activation of pain receptors in the body, such as in the muscles and spinal cord. Stops the production of cytokines which cause inflammation. Lowers the stress hormones epinephrine, cortisol, and norepinephrine. Reduces blood pressure, relaxes the muscles, reduces stress, and slows the breathing.              

And so much more! 

Lone Raven Art & Studio

Shelly Young

"Shelly is a best-selling author, mindfulness practitioner and mentor, certified Reiki practitioner, teacher, and artist. She started Lone Raven Art & Studio in 2018 with the mission of helping others find a state of inner balance through creativity, mindfulness, and energy healing.

Her programs are tailored to benefit anyone from the individual who has lost themselves in the process of living their lives to the C-Suite professional who has sacrificed health and wellbeing for the sake of their career.

Find out more about what classes and programs are right for you.

Purple Cow CBD

Caelyn & Becca

We are the newest CBD Boutique to Billings located in midtown next to Ganians. We look forward to providing each guest with all their CBD needs. CBD is a great source for many different health needs including sleep, anxiety, muscle relief, and much more. CBD is a new concept for a lot of people so we are here to help answer any questions anyone may have. Whether you are new to the game or a long time CBD customer we have something for everyone.

Arrow Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Dr Bethany Nordahl

Arrow Pelvic Physical Therapy offers concierge and virtual pelvic floor physical therapy in Montana.  For women in general, society has led us to believe that most of our pelvic health issues are "normal".  It's normal to have shooting pain in your pelvis during pregnancy, to pee your pants when you jump or cough, to have pain with intercourse, or to be controlled by your bladder urgency.  Spoiler alert...none of these things are normal!  Through a specialized assessment of the pelvic floor muscles, core system, bladder function and a full body approach to rehabilitating the pelvic floor, we can resolve these issues and many more!

Wholesome Happenings

CJ Hurtig

CJ is a distributor of Langenburg Oxygen Products.Parent company Langenburg
Technologies is the developer of a quantum-biohydrodynamic core technology process enabling The Power of Water TM. 

Langenburg’s goal is simple.  To restore the Earth’s water to its most pristine natural state and return its original abilities to sustain healthy life.  Truly innovative water processing unlike any in the world.  The result is something unmistakably unique; it’s not just water, it is science in harmony with nature.

This is a highly structured and oxygenated water.  Langenburg incorporates totally unique processes of purification and structuring to reach purity standards far beyond that of other bottled waters, and to achieve superior detoxification, hydration and oxygenation throughout the entire body.  Along with extremely high, naturally occurring dissolved oxygen content, Langenburg Oxygen Water is perfectly pH and mineral balanced.

The Elements Of Fate

Jasmine Wallace ~ Wellness Coach & Intuitive Mentor

One of the most important steps towards wellness is making sense of who you are; ‘know thyself’.


Jasmine incorporates the art of tarot as a tool and uses the gift of intellect and speech to speak life, hope and inspiration into each and every one of her clients.

Whether it’s helping you transmute stuck and difficult energy that you may be experiencing or encouraging you to step more into your personal power to effortlessly attract the success you seek.

Whatever the case maybe you will truly appreciate Jasmine’s innovative and creative approach
towards assisting  you on your life journey.

~ You are what you need


Shannon Behounek

It's my mission to help people discover a way to reach their health and wellness goals with innovative products for nutrition, body, and home. I chose to be a Shaklee Ambassador because of Shaklee's longevity and commitment to developing products in harmony with nature and the science to prove them. I am proud to partner with most clinically proven health and wellness companies. I look forward to talking with you!

Green Compass

Kara Olsen & Tara Gibson

Harnessing the Power of Organic Hemp

Green Compass began with producing CBD for those who matter the most . Our Families. We have a passion for connecting the goodness in the soil to the wellness of our loved ones. We won't compromise. We won't take the easy way out. Our hemp is grown under strict cultivation and sustainability practices. 

With Green Compass, you can have confidence that you're purchasing quality. Our CBD products establish a high standard. They are pure, safe, and effective, with hemp that is 100% American-grown and undergoes extremely detailed quality control process. We have a market for everyone. Adults , kids and our fur babies. When it comes to High Quality Hemp , we are the source. Feel Good, Do Good, For Good. 

We look forward to sharing with you all. Come visit our booth!!  

406-698-8839 / 406-861-0327

Live Edible & Medicinal Herbals

Edris Giacomini

Unattended Educational Display Table

My introduction to wild edible and medicinal plants began on our farm in Oregon, when I was young. I was stung by a bee, and my grandfather pointed to a plant.  He told me to pick it, squeeze out the sap, and put it directly on the sting area. The pain was gone immediately!

I have spent my life cultivating a love of plants and I have a wealth of knowledge to share with you.

Sign up for my workshop and learn how to safely identify and apply the medicinal properties of the plants right here in Billings Montana.

Soothies Of Montana

Betty Whitmore

Soothies are fabric packs of different sizes, filled with flax seed, to heat in the microwave for a moist heat pack or freeze for an icy cold pack. Great natural form of pain relief.

Hydrocoolers are cotton neck ties filled with a polymer crystal that expands when soaked in water, turns cold, and stays cold for days. Great way to keep cool on hot summer days.


This is healthcare like you've never experienced it.

Check back for more information...

2019 - Elemental Healing

Red Audiss

Elemental Healing is a small provider business focused on holistic healing through health/life coaching, energy healing modalities and supportive learning opportunities for individuals. I provide supportive health and life coaching services for both general wellness and specific support services regarding Lyme and CIRS. I use bifield tuning and stones in energy body healing sessions. I also provide psychic readings, astrology and guided teaching workshops as needed.


Basics of your personal torsion field and how vibrational tuning can amplify the healing process.

Jade Forest Wellness

Jim & Stephanie Nymeyer

Jim, along with his wife and colleague Stephanie, own Jade Forest Wellness in Billings, Montana. With an emphasis on traditional Chinese herbal sciences, Jade Forest Wellness draws from a wide array of plant healing traditions from around the world. Through one-on-one consultations, group lectures, and workshops, they work to empower people towards improving their health naturally and holistically.


Traditional Chinese Medicine is a beautiful and efficient lens through which to view human health in a holistic way. In this short introduction, clinical herbalist Jim Nymeyer will give an overview of two fundamentals concepts from this ancient healing system: Yin and Yang. Simple at first glance, yet profound in their health implications, Yin and Yang provide a model for each of us to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of our bodies, as well as assist us in better navigating our choice of foods, herbs and health supplements.

Intuitive Mind Wellness

Holly Harris

Holly specializes in intuitive energy work and is a master EFT practitioner. She works with her clients using a combination of many modalities with a focus on healing trauma and the energetic body.


-EFT- tappingBody and Emotion code

-Limiting belief work

-Deep past resolution

-Fragmentation Reintegration

And more to help her clients experience the power of the releasing blockages, baggage, and trauma so they can rise to their fullest potential.

CLASS: Emotional Freedom

In this class, Holly will be teaching you the basics of EFT and how to use it for almost anything in your life from depression and anxiety to pain and health issues.